For every lupus nephritis journey, Aurinia Alliance® can help

Aurinia Alliance provides people living with lupus nephritis and their care partners with personalized support through education, tools, and resources. As part of our program, you'll be assigned a dedicated Nurse Case Manager, who will help to ensure you have everything you need to feel confident and informed about your treatment plan.

Crystal S., RN

Nurse Case Manager

You can also download an enrollment form and return it by mail.

English Enrollment Form or Spanish Enrollment Form (Formulario de inscripción en español)

Here for you every step of the way

Your Aurinia Alliance team focuses on providing you with what you need throughout your Aurinia treatment journey. We understand that every experience with lupus nephritis is unique, which is why we're here to listen and support you. One key member of your team is your dedicated Nurse Case Manager. They provide one-on-one support and will check in with you on a regular basis to answer your questions and see how you are doing.

"I wouldn't be here without the support of my Aurinia Alliance Nurse Case Manager. She gave me information about my Aurinia treatment, answered my questions, and coordinated with my insurance and my doctors to help get coverage."

Jennifer, started treatment 2021

What you can expect with Aurinia Alliance

Educational tools

Finding reliable information about lupus nephritis can be difficult. Our goal is to empower people living with lupus nephritis through education, so you can feel confident advocating for yourself. Your Nurse Case Manager will provide helpful resources and materials tailored to your specific needs.

Financial assistance

Navigating a treatment plan for a serious condition can come with concerns about how to afford medication. We’ll work together to find solutions for your individual needs, and your Nurse Case Manager can answer questions about your insurance benefits and assistance you may be eligible for.

Aurinia treatment support

Living with a serious disease can feel like a lot to manage. We’ll help you stay organized, informed, and on top of your Aurinia treatment schedule. Your Nurse Case Manager can also provide you with a network of lupus nephritis advocacy groups to ensure you feel connected to a community of support.

"My Nurse Case Manager called me and went over side effects, precautions, and dosing. She also helped me deal with the insurance approval issues so that I could get my prescription filled. She is absolutely awesome!"

Malisha, started treatment in 2021

"We're able to personalize your Aurinia treatment experience. Rather than patients just filling a prescription, we help you become invested and empowered in your journey."

Alicia L., RN, BSN Nurse Case Manager

Did you know?

You'll have a dedicated Nurse Case Manager from the start

As soon as you enroll with Aurinia Alliance, you’ll be connected with a Nurse Case Manager who will provide customized support throughout your Aurinia treatment journey.

Many patients are eligible for financial support

The cost of a prescription doesn’t have to stop you from getting treatment. Whether you have insurance or not, Aurinia Alliance has various funding programs that can help.

You can join a lupus nephritis community

Aurinia Alliance can connect you with the lupus nephritis community, so you can share your experiences with others who are fighting the same disease.